Performance Psychology Secrets Revealed


 Performance Psychology Secrets Revealed (approximately 1 hour)


Learn about the performance psychology techniques that are so vital for many of the world's most successful people.

Specifically this short, focused online course will support you to:

- Increase resilience

- Improve focus and deal with distractions

- Improve attitude and general mental game

- Identify limiting beliefs

- Develop new skills to cope with setbacks

- Support at individual and team level to develop cohesion and communication skills

- Identify irrational thoughts and help instil a healthy belief system

- Balance and improve motivation for optimal performance

- Increase self-esteem and confidence

- Increase self-awareness

- Understand stress and anxiety and its effect on performance

- Decrease procrastination

- Improve levels of mental and physical effectiveness


We also set specific assignments for you to test your learning and carry on applying your new skills.