Stress & Anxiety 101


Stress & Anxiety 101 (approximately 1 hour)

Take a performance psychologists approach to stress and anxiety with our short, online course.

Learn how elite athletes and other highly successful people deal with stress and anxiety on a daily basis. It affects all of us but there are a number of techniques we teach you to deal with stress and anxiety effectively.

Performance anxiety and stress are two factors that can debilitate even the most successful people. Learn how to approach the states in a different way and be prepared for events and worries.

Stress and anxiety can be caused and exacerbated by:

- worries about lockdown and lifting of lockdown

- job insecurity

- social isolation

- relationship issues 

- unrealistic feelings of worthlessness 

Our video based online course also includes assignments for you to test your learning and carry on applying your new skills - including using a stress diary, taking time out and mindfulness.


Specifically, you will learn skills in:

- mindfulness

- meditation

- relaxation

- improving quality of sleep

- increasing happiness levels

- dealing with negative emotions

- increase mental and physical energy levels