Stress & Anxiety

Stress & Anxiety

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Stress & Anxiety (approximately 1 hour)

To really excel and become the best version of yourself - including the happiest - we also need to learn how to deal with seemingly negative aspects of our mind. Stress and anxiety can really affect our mind and body negatively but we can also use them in a positive way. Learn how to approach stress and anxiety in a different way and use skills to make stress work to your benefit - and deal effectively with anxiety. 

- Sleep better

- Feel happier

- Experience less headaches and stomach upsets and muscle tension

- Experience more rational emotions

- Feel less overwhelmed

- Increase your mental and physical energy levels

- Be more successful

You will learn specific skills in meditation, self-care, nutrition, and character to excel your learning.

We also set specific assignments for you to test your learning and carry on applying your new skills - including using a stress diary, taking time out and mindfulness.