About Us

Funded and supported by Sir Richard Branson's not-for-profit company VirginStartUp - TLA is trying to change the world.

We’re a movement, a revolution, an angry mob and a catalyst for change. We want to share our knowledge and skills to apply sports psychology to create positive change around the world. We want to be the most affordable, innovative, accessible and disruptive self-development movement globally.

At the heart of TLA is the belief that we all deserve to be our absolute best, feel amazing and strive to reach the biggest goals we can possibly think of. Like anything, people always need support to get there and that's why we exist. 

TLA was founded by Rachel Moan – an Entrepreneur, Writer and Chartered Surveyor.

Training professionally as a dancer and performing around the UK, Rachel practiced the same mental techniques employed by professional athletes to reach top levels of performance. Rachel is now a Chartered Management Consultancy Surveyor, published writer, educator and nutritional therapist.

For press packs and photos please contact info@trainlikeanathlete.co.uk

 You can view the story that Virgin StartUp ran on us in 2015 here 

Rachel Moan (Founder)


Richard Cottrell (Head of Digital)

Richard heads up the digital elements of TLA including platform development, research, systems implementation and the occasional social media takeover!

Richard also helps to design specific digital content to help users and is passionate about exercise, working hard and LFC!


Anna Bensley (Social Media Assistant) 

Anna helps us with all things social media including design, editing, scheduling and development.


We actually pre-load all of our social media in our spare time as a fledgling start up whilst working in professional roles - enabling us to make the most amount of impact in our day jobs and time we spend helping our lovely customers through TLA!