Workbook; A Champion's Mind


This is the downloadable workbook to accompany the groundbreaking book from TLA - A Champion's Mind.

Inside you will discover tried, tested and perfected advice and templates on goal setting, personal contracts and stress.

Make sure that you download A Champion's Mind to get the full use of this book and take yourself to the next level. 


Do you want to live the life you dream of and reach your ultimate potential?

Do you want to learn the same techniques as the world's most successful people to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be?

Of course you do.

Offering a unique perspective on how to live your ultimate life, this lively, practical and inspiring books helps you live to the max. With happiness as the ultimate goal, A Champion's Mind dissects the greatest performance psychology theories and lets you know how to amplify your lifestyle, career and self.

A Champion's Mind gives you performance psychology theory and tactical, proven advice on how to really make an impact, get your ultimate confidence, go for and meet your biggest goals, improve your personal branding, contribute to society and mentor others, dealing with failure and recovering from setbacks, look after yourself, dealing effectively with stress, improve your health including nutrition for ultimate performance, how to deal with negative people and situations, how to learn continuously and how to live your best life.

A Champion's Mind is a down to earth wealth of advice that is changing the landscape of the personal development sphere. 

For those who are already at the top of their game and excelling, A Champion's Mind gives you innovative tips and tweaks proven to enhance more common strategies.

A Champion's Mind is a down to earth, state-of-the-art guide to building your own path to ultimate success but it’s not about climbing on top of everyone else or using dirty tactics to rise the top. It’s a guide to have confidence in yourself, living life on your own terms and reaching the ultimate level of happiness.