The Clinic - Collection One


What if you could have an on-demand service that helped you to be happier more successful, deal with your emotions, achieve your wildest dreams and generally just set the world on fire?

Welcome to The Clinic; a unique, bespoke service from TLA 

The Clinic gives you a three stage service which is affordable, innovative, accessible and absolutely works. We give you access to professional, world-leading performance psychology techniques, assignments and continuous learning to really make a difference - all at your fingertips:


- Incredible discounts to our three online courses; Energy, Focus & Concentration and Stress & Anxiety. Learn more about these courses here which also include assignments and lifetime access, so you can keep learning whenever and wherever you want

- Personalised advice and assignments just for you. By using our digital survey we can learn more about you and you worries, wants and desires.  We then come back to you with tailored advice and tasks and bespoke advice for you to use in your everyday life. 

- Access to our private, online community of VIP's to access all of our services where we are constantly uploading FREE amazing bonus content to amplify your learning and give you the absolute edge.

Click here to see what The Clinic can do for you today and become happier, healthier and more successful.