5 Podcasts You Need Now

by rachel moan |

If you don’t have a great selection of podcasts to listen to then get on it now!

The podcast world is now awash with hundreds of thousands of podcasts on everything from personal development to woodwork. We delve into the best podcasts for mindset, performance and ultimate living.

  1. Happy Place; Fearne Cotton.

This is a great podcast featuring really insightful interviews and informal chat between Fearne cotton and special guests such as Russell Brand, Gary Barlow, Stephen Fry, Paloma Faith, Zoe Sugg, Natalie Dormer and much more. A lot of interesting insights into mental health and coping with stresses and struggles from some of your favourite people.



2.  The GaryVee Audio Experience.

What do we say about Gary Vee? If you haven’t heard of him then make sure you up your game right now. Talking about entrepreneurship, hard work at its highest, networking, motivation, social media and much more, it’s a great podcast that will leave you feeling utterly motivated….and hating entitlement!

Gary offers a huge wealth of advice for entrepreneurs, business people, creatives and anyone that needs a strong dose of motivation and a wake up call without the flowery parts!

3.  Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik is one of my absolute favourites – not only for his advice but also his guests. He has a great backstory of how he came to be a brain coach and help people all over the world from the cast of X-Men to Elon Musk. Jim also interviews leading figures in health, wellness, nutrition and mental performance to give really useable advice on how to perform to the absolute best of your abilities – from memory to morning routine.

4. The Jack Delosa Podcast

I’ve been listening to Jack Delosa for years and following his business The Entourage which educates entrepreneurs around the world. Listen in as Jack gives in-depth advice on entrepreneurship, social media, marketing, health, wellness, motivation and metal performance and interviews hugely influential people from Gerard Adams to Jim Kwik.

5. Radio Headspace

 The same team behind an app that helped meditation go mainstream, tune into interviews with scientists, adventurers and athletes to understand and be inspired by what the mind can really do. Learn how emotions affect your brain and how to work with them.