How Performance Coaching Helps Musicians

by Rachel Moan |

For musicians, from those trying to make it every day to those who are highly successful, the journey can be very difficult.

Even when musicians make it to the top, their own personal struggles and creative challenges faced can have serious effects on their mental and physical health. In the last couple of years a number of highly successful and world famous musicians have taken their own lives.



Performance coaches work with musicians across the world to help them become better performers, including how to work on themselves and deal with negative and positive events that occur during their careers.

Performance coaches work with musicians to help them:

* support clearing any emotional, mental and physical blocks that can impede their performances

* deal with performance anxiety, including nerves

* release mental and physical tension in performance and practice

* memorise efficiently

* be on top form at auditions

* deal mentally with performance related injury

* deal with the inner critic in performance and practice

* develop effective practice techniques

* develop effective time management techniques


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