How to Stay Sane When You Are Incredibly Busy

by Rachel Moan |

First, a confession. I don’t consider myself particularly normal…I never have done and I’m 100% sure I never will do either.

How we cope with stress, anxiety, fatigue and general goodness and badness depends to a big extent on the individual. If you’re like us, you rest very little (at least you don’t think you have time to) and are on the go constantly.

If we aren’t working in the day job, we’re working on TLA and a large part of the evenings and weekends is allocated to TLA. During our ‘time off’, we’re usually meeting people who we think can add to the business or who we can learn from, at the gym, taking courses or watching various videos  for inspiration.


After many years of going at full pelt, we’ve found that our attention span is pretty low and every few days we generally get fed up…for no other reason than that’s just what happens.

We regularly get very tired and fed up…which we’ve found is often brought on by dehydration and being frustrated with other people.

We’re pretty sure that lots of incredibly busy people like yourself are in exactly the same position – so here’s our 5-step guide to staying relatively sane (who wants to be ‘normal’ anyway? 

  1. Find your creative food – ours is watching music videos and watching films. We actually couldn’t function without doing this on a regular basis
  1. Some people can be incredibly annoying – you have to try and ignore them – yes, some people will try and drag you down kicking and screaming just for the hell of it
  1. Practice getting some sleep – exercise helps…. have a look out our book and various blogs online about getting better sleep
  1. Drink a lot of water – try at least 3 litres a day. It keeps us far more alert
  1. Let some things go – for 3 weeks we got up at 5 so I could meal prep before doing an 8 hour day in the day and coming home to work on TLA all night and all weekend. After about a month I got ill and incredibly frustrated and irritable. You don’t need to try and be the best at everything all the time. Sometimes a sandwich from the shop is fine

Something that we’ve also learnt this week – you don’t always need to do an incredibly long blog – we need a rest too!