Run Like Hell from the Macaque

by rachel moan |

Why the negative voice in your head is just like a macaque (the “very naughty monkey”)

In 2017 I got to spend an amazing couple of weeks in Borneo – my favourite place in the world. I came back with so many ideas for things going forwards and so much vision for what we would do in the future. (So much so that I’m going back in 2019). The people are some of the most amazing in the world and whilst many parts are not places of money, the richness of the personalities, landscape and values far exceeds anything I’d seen for a long time (actually since I was in

One of the many stories I took away was how dangerous some of the animals are that lurk around – they are beautiful, mystical but also sometimes bloody naughty. 

We heard many stories of the “very naughty monkey” – the macaque. They look and seem innocent enough but can be very dangerous. We heard many different stories from guides, hotel staff and tourists about how best to come out unscathed if we had an encounter with them. The advice a chef gave us later made me think of the different ways we try and deal with the many negative thoughts and emotions that come into our heads (certainly mine). His advice was simply:

“If a macaque comes near you, just run like hell”.



I’ve tried so many different techniques for getting rid of those negative voices – from meeting them head on and trying to reason with them, to going back to where those thoughts came from and digging deep into my own psyche.

 You know what?

None of them worked.

You don’t always need to try and be a hero. Sometimes you just need to run from them and think of much more positive things – goals, aspirations and previous accomplishments.

Turn and run – because those negative thoughts (the macaques) will be back soon enough at the most inconvenient times, when they really aren’t helpful. They will drain you, scare the hell out of you and freeze you on the spot. They also break into your rooms, drinks the beers, pee on your stuff and eat your medication #justsaying