Wedding Bell Stress

by rachel moan |

Getting married is an exciting time with lots of lovely things, happy faces, spending more time with loved ones and generally getting to have some really fun times.

We hear that organising and planning a wedding can be stressful – in fact it’s often included as one of the most stressful events in someone’s life.


So for start up entrepreneurs and anyone following their own path, I’m just going to throw this out there.

 I would literally compare it to the stress of starting up a business.


 Organising a wedding is like many facets of starting up a business. The biggest being that we have a vision – a dream for what the actual event (the big day/the actual opening of the business will be like) but we don’t actually really know what we’re doing.

(Actually knowing what you’re doing is one of those things where you think everyone else knows what they are doing and it’s just you who doesn’t. When actually it’s just that you had the nerve to do it).



Here’s why it’s so similar and how being an entrepreneur can help prepare you for a wedding and vice versa: 

  1. Finance – whilst there are a number of areas where you can look to save money it remains to be that it costs serious amounts of money
  2. Unless you want to be paying serious money for a separate wedding planner, be prepared to up-skill and have do a lot of tasks yourself but hopefully with the help of a team albeit small and may well not get paid!
  3. Like many things that start with a big vision and will be doing something worthwhile – it’s a huge learning curve
  4. The level of stress is real. From all angles from whenever it’s being organised
  5. It’s 100% worth it for the event
  6. Once the event is over, the running of the marriage/startup really starts!


 What we learnt through the process is that you can’t do everything in your life at 100% - with wedding organising and starting a startup, something has to give. Make sure it’s not your relationships or your sanity (though the second one is very difficult…)

Whether it be not applying for promotions, delaying something not required within the first year or whatnot, remember to prioritise and keep in your own lane.

For what you are working on -whether it be a wedding or a startup, comes from a vision and something deep within and is more important.