What Makes a Superhero?

by Rachel Moan |

As always, we've been working on some fantastic and groundbreaking products to offer all around the world.

Right now, we can't tell you too much but we can tell you that our new product line is taking a superhero stance. Well...why not?

So the question is...why superheroes...what's the story and what's the fixation?



Sometimes superheroes are born and sometimes they are made. I think it's a bit of both. Yet what they do possess are three vital skills; courage, a strong moral code and powers and abilities that seem extraordinary.

The courage and ability to face fears is tantamount. It doesn't mean that that the superhero doesn't ever feel the emotion of fear. It is more about understanding the emotion of fear and being able to face it.  As for facing injustice head on and trying to help others and change the world...well it takes courage to do this and stamina, especially the amount of times a superhero gets beaten down time after time. Again and again. Often with no thanks from the people they've helped. Turning your life into helping others; not for money, not for fame and certainly not for thanks. They do it because of something that burns within them, which guides them to making a difference and paving the way for something better.



Superheroes also need to possess (or learn) out of this world powers and abilities. They have the same, nay worse, problems that the unluckiest of us face. Superpowers don't have to be award winning martial arts skills but they do need to be skills they deal with pain, pursue, reach for and teach an ideal and do all of this with absolute humility. What difference are you going to make to the others, today?


So everyone makes mistakes - that's an absolute given. Yet, whatever mistakes or failures, you must possess and promote an absolute moral code that you live by.

What do you live by and what do you represent?

What injustice are you fighting for?

 How will you help others and what is the purpose?

Batman doesn't kill criminals; he just puts them out of action. Yet Batman and the Joker are actually very similar - the only difference is perhaps a self-righteousness that Batman doesn't possess.



Now here's a great part. Superheroes have extraordinary abilities for a fighting spirit, including dealing with pain.

Did you really think that they just became awesome?

They became awesome because they failed, got back up, then failed again and again and then got back up again and again and again and again. Superheroes know that time and time again they will fail or at least get injured on a regular basis. So they need to expect pain and see that it's something that won't ever leave their side. In fact, one of the few certain things in life is that they will be in pain an awful lot. They learn how to register it and deal with it, to the extent that they don't feel it any more.

For my favourite element of what it means to be a superhero...the understanding that being a superhero does not, in any way, mean that you won’t fail. In fact, failing is a certainty. Being a superhero means that every single time you fail, you get back up. EVERY SINGLE TIME.   


As for character traits, absolute commitment to their cause and complete honesty - even when things don't work out in their favour. They must also have sheer tenacity  - they win not because they are necessarily the best but because they don’t give up.

 Now for my absolute favourite part of the superhero get-up. All superheroes have some kind of flaw, whether it is physical or mental. Whatever the nature of the flaw, it's presence is a constant threat to the success and survival of the superhero.

Now you're read our thoughts, what do you guys think? What makes a superhero??