What Stranger Things Can Teach Us About Lockdown

by Rachel Moan |

Like many people, I adore Stranger Things and all the characters, music and merchandise that comes with it.

Like everyone else, I too have experienced Lockdown.

Aside from anything else, I’ve always been intrigued to hear different people’s views of Lockdown. For some, they have lost their businesses, laid off staff or managed to furlough some.  Retired people are doing many of the same things they were doing previously. Some people are busier than they ever have been – from key workers to those working in charities and supporting the communities.

For others, it seems to have turned their lives upside down because things are different. What we need to remember is that if you are safe, being paid, able to breathe and recuperate, then you are doing incredibly well. For others, things are incredibly worse.

In my current (and very lucky Saturday routine) of getting up after a cheeky lie in, having a think before I start to worry about everything possible in the whole world, I switch on for some of my favourite things and normalism that provides. Well, as much normal as kids in the 80’s, the Upside Down, Demogorgon’s, enormous amounts of waffles and amazingly good soundtrack can provide.

 Whilst I was watching Season 1 of Stranger Things again for love, normality and great music, I realised something. Stranger Things gives an insight into the kind of things we are dealing with in lockdown…



  1.  Upside Down Will Always Be There

The problems that we have aren’t new. We already had death, disease, mental health crises, front line workers sacrificing their own wellbeing for others, recessions, inefficient leadership. Events will always happen that highlight that fact.

Much like the Upside Down, those elements are always there, waiting to erupt, with catastrophic consequences. The bad things are always there, with their own dangers, monsters and demons ready to take people underneath. Yet there’s also a lot of people who can help.


  1. Mornings Are for Coffee and Contemplation

 Given I’m a highly anxious person, this may seem contradictory but stay with me. Give yourself 10 minutes at the start of the day to sit, think of nothing and get a (preferably non-alcoholic) drink.

Many of us run around like headless Demogorgon’s under ‘normal’ circumstances and don’t give ourselves any time to be cal. Start a habit.


  1. Find Other Ways to Communicate

 A lot of people have embraced new ways of speaking to each other – walkie talkies, Zoom, Skype, Letters, shouting over the garden fence.

It’s another great way of communicating rather than, well, just not talking to anyone.

Same with working from home – aside from the people you have to speak to, talk to the ones you actually WANT to talk to.


  1. Everyone Has Superpowers

 Eleven has a serious amount of power…but we all do. Sometimes we just need time out to realise what our powers are.

Maybe you have powers in being able to see the bigger picture, to put things in place to move to digital services, making food out of the dead ends left in the cupboard….gardening, dancing, following fitness regimes….(notice that I didn’t mention making banana bread).


  1. New Friends Appear from Nowhere

 Despite being in lockdown, many of us have made new friends. Whether through reaching out on social media, doing favours for vulnerable people, becoming closer to people we didn’t really know before.

Eleven came from the Upside Down and I think we will find that we create many new friends and experiences from our very own Upside Down.




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